We have expanded just a bit to accommodate more people at one time.

Still have Covid protocols in place: social distancing and mask
Hope to see ya soon


Since New Comics come on Weds
Weds should become everybody's Saturday

Frequent question:

​Do you buy comic books?
We do buy comics, usually in a collection (bulk) (Thousands) at a reasonable price. To be honest, we usually sit on 90% of the collection for a very long time, so we can't afford to pay premium. If you would still like to discuss options, let me know. 
If you are still buying comics, we do store credit, which is a better deal for you.  

You have a better chance of working out a deal, if we knew you as a friend or customer

(That's the Police suggestion  lol)

Check out what we have before inquiry (saves time).

I'm Dexter, usually here to greet you and keep you on your toes!