Frequent question:

​Do you buy comic books?
We do buy comics, usually in a collection (bulk) at a reasonable price. To be honest, we usually sit on 90% of the collection for a very long time, so we can't afford to pay premium. If you would still like to discuss options, let me know. 
If you are still buying comics, we do store credit, which is a better deal for you.  

You have a better chance of working out a deal, if we knew you as a friend or customer

(That's the Police suggestion  lol)

Check out what we have before inquiry (saves time).

Tons of stuff in a small space, come on down!

Since New Comics come on Weds
Weds should become everybody's Saturday

I'm Dexter, usually here to greet you and keep you on your toes!

If you need current comics, let us know how we can help.

We can mail most anything in the USA and we will do homework if we need to go abroad. Contact us through facebook.


Dec 26th - Dec 29th

End of the year $1.00 Sale
Thousands and thousands of selected back-issues from the 1990's and 2000's for only a $1.00 a comic, also a 50 cent selection
While supply last - $100: you can fill a new short box of $1.00 and 50 cent comics.
Probably no keys, unless I overlooked them lol
Please do not ask at this time what titles, too large for my feeble mind to even remember what I bagged and boarded lol

Share share share, don't keep it a secret so you get the best selection (haha)

Bring a buddy to keep you company