Do you buy comics:

We do, when we have the cash, (which is seldom  lol) 

The things we look for is collections, new or old, to be in decent condition (non smoking) and not already pilfered through and valued according to ebay.  I like the wow factor when we buy, that means after we buy them, we find some excellent stuff.

‚ÄčIf you are wanting ebay value, that is what you should do.  ebay or marketplace.

About Us

We are a local comic shop that specializes in comics when we can.  Our goal is to support local readers in the area.  People passing through might find our selection thin in the older comics, but again we are catering local readers and we welcome passer byers, 

We have become lcs to people from a distance, we do encourage you support you LCS if possible and avoid the online, so we can continue with a vibrant comic community.


Monday and Tues: Appt if available

Weds:            Noon to 6

Thursday - Sun:     Noon to 5

Thursday and Friday we will close at 2:15 to 2:45 to pick up Granddaughter.

Check facebook post, will update.